On social media, it seems like everyone has traveling all figured out. They’re in a foreign country watching sunsets, sipping wine, and making memories while you’re sitting alone watching their videos after an exhausting day at work.


If you’re thinking “how am I supposed to find time to plan a trip AND make it all happen…” let me be the first to say, I GET IT. I am no stranger to working 9-5 and feeling a lack of connection to the world and myself.


What if travel was as easy as grabbing your morning coffee and as meaningful as your favorite memory? What if you could pack meaning AND adventure into your trips? And what if you didn’t have to worry about doing it all alone?

Connect with others.
Connect with yourself.
Connect with the world.
Connect with the culture

Guatemala Trip 2023

In 10 days, you’ll wander through bustling tipica markets, visit ancient Mayan ruins, learn to make tortillas by hand, hike the famous Antigua volcano, enjoy authentic Guatemalan food, and so much more!

I’m talking:

  • See the world famous alfombras (huge colorful saw dust rugs) line the cobblestone streets.
  • Walk through the jungle as monkeys swing from tree to tree above you.
  • Experience the Guatemalan night life and try the cucaracha drink at the bar while the biggest soccer match plays on TV.
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AMAVI travels is here to give you that experience you've been longing for. And the best part? I'll take care of all the messy and stressy stuff. Hotels, I got you. Transportation, I know a guy.

Then what about a tour guide?
Or what if no one wants to go with you?

Allow me to introduce myself!

Hi ! I'm Courtney, and I'll be there with you every step of the way.

A while back I was looking through old photos and videos from one of the trips I had taken to Guatemala. I felt nostalgic and wished I was traveling the world again. 🌎  I was getting too comfortable in the day-to-day and deep down I knew I was missing something.  I thought that following travel pages on Instagram and Pinterest would fix my FOMO, but it just made it worse. Other people were out there experiencing the world, and I wasn’t. I looked into service trips and your typical travel agency, but I didn’t want to be a part of something like that.

Since no one had planned the perfect trip for me and I couldn’t find a travel agency that wasn’t scammy, I felt inspired to do it myself. I booked the flight and spent hours upon hours scouring google, blog posts, and travel sites to plan trips around Europe, Asia, and Central America.

After I had a trip planned, I invited my friends to come along with me. I realized that I’m pretty good at planning a sickass trip, so I just kept planning more. I’ve experienced 23 countries and worked through all the technical difficulties that come along with travel. 


People always ask me, "how do you travel so much?" or "can you take me with you next time?".  I took the hint, and now I organize trips to Guatemala for people who not only want to see a new place but also want to be immersed in the culture. Traveling ✨ethically✨ and learning about new cultures through experience can truly add purpose to life. At least, that's what happened to me.

And no, they weren’t ALL perfectly smooth trips. But forgetting sunscreen on an all-day snorkeling tour in the Maldives and not checking if my jacket was waterproof before going to Iceland has taught me a thing or two about packing and planning itineraries.

It's Time to Get Excited About Travel!

Join the 2023
Guatemala Crew

Let me plan it all for you!

Check out my top 5 sites to see in Guatemala

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Don't take my word for it!

Hear it from someone else…

Jo always knew there was something he loved about traveling but as he got into the corporate world and became more established in his career, he noticed he wasn’t traveling as much as he would’ve liked.

He was sick and tired of doing the same thing every day. Going to work, going home. No connection, no growth. Then he started thinking about what he was missing. He racked his brain to remember the last time he truly felt alive and remembered the study abroad he went on that really ignited his love of travel. He tried to plan a trip like that but kept getting discouraged when he ran out of time. Plus he didn’t have any contacts in the country he planned to visit.

When Jo traveled with AMAVI to Guatemala, he felt that missing piece of magic. The magic was walking through the streets of Antigua with a group of people who were just as stoked as he was. The magic was when he got to sit and learn about the legend of the lovers on the shores of Lago Atitlan.

Is this right for you?

AMAVI travels is right for you if you’re…

  • An adventurer at heart
  • Willing to try new things and meet new people
  • Feel called to see and experience the world while also leaving a positive impact on it
  • Too busy with your day-to-day work and family life to plan a trip
  • Eager to enjoy your time off from work

I came

I saw

I loved




What's the process?

  1. Let me know  you’re interested! Send me an email or reach out on Instagram @amavitravels 
  2. We’ll set up a time to talk passports, travel requirements, etc
  3. Reserve your spot on our trip with a down payment.
  4. I’ll book your flights and hotels. You don’t have to plan a single thing.
  5. Come to the Guatemala CCC (Culture Crash Course)
  6. I’ll pick you up at the airport in Guatemala and we’ll start our trip!

I put together the ultimate traveling checklist, the perfect trip around Guatemala (my most visited and FAVORITE country in the world) and I want to show it to you! Choose your packages below.

Excited yet?
Choose your package and let's get started!

10 day Guatemala
Private Tour

$ 7000 per person
  • Trip dates are up to YOU!

10 day Guatemala
Group Tour

$ 3500 $500 downpayment
  • April 6-12, 2023

Virtual Guatemala

$ 450 Packages will be delivered in May 2023
  • Includes Guatemalan textile, treats, and paintings & a virtual tour of Guatemala.

If you're thinking...

"I don't know Courtney at all, how do I know it will be good?"

Let's talk!

There’s no better way to decide if you’ll have a good time than by talking with me on a call and seeing what you think!

I also want to get to know you and over time I’m sure we’ll become real life travel buddies. 

"I can't make it on these dates but I really want to go."

When CAN you go? Let's make something work.

Not many things can compare to this trip so if you can’t switch up your schedule, check out our private tour option. Or you can make a downpayment now and have a say in when we do the next group trip.

"$3500 is so expensive"

Here's my answer:

You deserve this. This isn’t just regular travel. You’re paying for the quality of your trip. Yes, you can probably plan a trip to Guatemala by yourself, but you’d miss out on the local connections and all the insider tips from someone who has lived in and traveled to and from Guatemala her whole life (me).